Flavor Archive



These are descriptions of all of the MSU ice cream flavors we have offered now or in the past. Please note this is NOT a comprehensive list of the flavors we offer currently, that list can be found on our Home Page under "What's Scooping Today".


Flavor Archive:  

Berry Botanical: Lavender and blueberry ice cream in collaboration with Beal Botanical Garden 

Beaumont Brownie Bliss: Sea salt caramel ice cream with brownie chunks and a fudge swirl 

Blue Moon: A classic Midwestern “blue-flavored” ice cream 

Buckeye Blitz: Peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter cups and a fudge swirl 

Butter Pecan: Natural pecan ice cream with salted pecans mixed in 

Chocolate: Just plain delicious chocolate 

Cookie Dough: Vanilla ice cream loaded with cookie dough and chocolate 

Cookies and Cream: Vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookies 

Cookie Monster: Blue moon ice cream with real Oreo’s and cookie dough pieces 

Electric Espresso: Espresso flavored ice cream with chocolate flakes and a caramel swirl

Izzo’s Malted Madness: Vanilla ice cream mixed with malt powder with a fudge swirl and chocolate covered whopper candies 

Leelanau Black Cherry: Natural black cherry ice cream with real cherries from Leelanau, MI 

Mackinac Island Fudge: Vanilla ice cream with fudge pieces and a butter fudge swirl 

Mint Chip: Crème de menthe ice cream with chocolate chunks 

Malted Fudge Crunch: Vanilla ice cream with a butter fudge swirl, filled with mini M&Ms and crushed Whoppers

Peppermint Stick: Peppermint ice cream with peppermint stick candies spread throughout

Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin flavored ice cream with crunchy pie pieces

Sorbet: Non-dairy frozen treat (flavors rotate often) 

Strawberry: Classic strawberry ice cream made with real strawberry pieces

Spartan Swirl: Cake batter ice cream with a green frosting swirl and cake pieces 

Toasted Coconut Almond: Toasted coconut ice cream with chocolate covered almonds

Vanilla: Classic plain vanilla ice cream