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Q: How much is each scoop? 

A: Each scoop is $4. Each comes with a lid. 

Q: How many flavors can I choose? 

A: You can choose as many flavors as you’d like, but we recommend sticking to 3-4 flavors for ease in passing out.  

Q: What is the largest size I can buy?  

A: 3-gallon tubs are available for purchase for $75. Flavors may be limited based on availability. Quarts and Pints are scooped fresh daily and available in our lobby freezer.

Q: What if I want something besides scoops? 

A:  We currently offer are Pints ($6), Quarts ($14), 3-Gallon Tubs ($75, limited flavors), and Ice Cream Sandwiches ($6).


Cart Rental:  

Q: How much is the Cart Rental? 

A: The cart rental fee is $100. Individual scoops to fill the cart are $4 each. 

Q: How many scoops does the cart hold? 

A: The cart can hold up to 450 single scoops. 

Q: What is provided with the cart? 

A: We can provide napkins and spoons if requested. We do not provide employees for the cart. Ice cream scoops must be purchased separately. 

Q: How do I transport the cart? 

A: We offer transportation for the cart through MSU UPL at an additional cost of $200. They can deliver the cart to locations within 15 miles of the store, Monday-Friday from 12-3pm. Alternatively, the cart can be pushed short distances around campus. For longer distances, we recommend a trailer with a ramp. The cart is too heavy to be lifted into a pickup truck.

Q: When do I have to return the cart? 

A: Unless discussed otherwise, the cart needs to be returned the same day before 8pm. If you need an extension, please ask the team member you are communicating with, and they can let you know if it’s possible. 



Q: When can I pick up my order? 

A: Order pickups can be set for any time the store is open (Tues-Sun 12 to 8). If you need to pick up an order outside normal business hours please email 


MSU Trailer: 

Q: How do I rent the Dairy Store trailer? 

A: Trailer rentals are no longer available, as our Dairy Store trailer is now permanently located at Tollgate Farm and Education Center in Novi, MI. For more information about the farm and its location, please visit their website