What's Scooping Today

Beaumont Brownie Bliss- Salted caramel ice cream with brownie chunks and a fudge swirl

Black Raspberry Truffle- Black raspberry ice cream with a black raspberry swirl and raspberry filled chocolate truffles

Buckeye Blitz- Peanut butter ice cream with buckeyes and a fudge swirl

Chocolate- Just plain delicious chocolate

Cookie Dough- Vanilla ice cream loaded with cookie dough & chocolate

Cookies and Cream- Vanilla ice cream with Oreo pieces mixed in

Double Fudge Fake- Chocolate ice cream with brownies, chocolate footballs, and a caramel swirl

Izzo's Malted Madness- Malt ice cream with malt balls mixed in

Spartan Swirl- Cake batter ice cream with a green frosting swirl and green cake pieces

Tucker's Scoop and Score- Vanilla ice cream with praline caramel swirl and praline pecans mixed in

Sorbet- Rotating flavors of a non-dairy frozen treat

Vanilla- Pure vanilla ice cream using real vanilla extract

Available all January

The S'mores Hot Cocoa Ice Cream Float- A scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in Swiss Miss hot cocoa, topped with a mountain of marshmallows, a giant marshmallow snowman, and a graham cracker rim. Sub in coffee for an extra kick.

Planning an Event?

MSU Dairy Store ice cream makes a unique addition to your wedding, grad party, shower, or any celebration.

The following hand-scooped sizes are currenlty available for catering:

Single Scoop - $4

Pint - $8

Quart - $16

Our ice cream cart holds up to 300 scoops and can be rented, or we have a full-size trailer for bigger events.

If you are interested in having the MSU Dairy Store cater your event, please fill out our Catering Order Request Form below.

Catering Order Request Form