What's Scooping Today?

  • Beaumont Brownie Bliss- Salted caramel ice cream with brownie pieces and a fudge swirl (contains: dairy, egg, corn, wheat, soy, gluten)
  • Black Cherry- Natural black cherry ice cream with sweet black cherries from Traverse City (contains: dairy, corn, red 40)
  • Buckeye Blitz- Peanut butter ice cream with buckeye candies and a fudge swirl (contains: dairy, corn, soy, peanut, tree nut)
  • Butter Pecan- Natural pecan ice cream with salted pecans mixed in (contains: dairy, soy, tree nut)
  • Chocolate- Just plan delicious chocolate (contains: dairy, corn)
  • Cookie Dough- Vanilla ice cream loaded with cookie dough and chocolate (contains: dairy, corn, wheat, soy, gluten, tree nuts)
  • Electric Espresso- Espresso flavored ice cream with chocolate flakes and a caramel swirl (contains: dairy, corn, soy, tree nuts)
  • Izzo's Malted Madness- Vanilla ice cream mixed with malt powder with a duffle swirl and chocolate covered whopper candies (contains: dairy, corn, wheat, soy, gluten)
  • Mint Chip- Crème de Menthe ice cream with chocolate pieces (contains: dairy, soy, tree nuts)
  • Raspberry Sorbet- A fruity dairy free treat (contains: corn, red 40)
  • Shaw Lane Strawberry- Strawberry ice cream with real strawberries mixed in (contains: dairy, red 40)
  • Spartan Swirl- Cake batter ice cream with cake pieces and a green frosting swirl (contains: dairy, egg, corn, wheat, soy, gluten)
  • Vanilla- Delicious vanilla ice cream (contains: dairy)
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Monthly Special:

Rainbow Crunch Sundae: ($7)

In partnership with Popside Candy, this sundae is made with our Shaw Lane Strawberry ice cream and topped with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, fruity syrups, and Popside's Fruity Freeze Dried Candies

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