Q: Is the observation deck open?

A: The observation deck is open for viewing on weekdays during our normal business hours. We cannot guarantee which days plant production will take place and be observable from the deck. 

Q: Where are the cows?

A: MSU cows can be found at the MSU Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Center located south of MSU's campus. There are no cows at or near the Dairy Store.



Q: What forms of payment do you accept? 

A: We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Scoop Coupons, and Dairy Store gift cards. We cannot accept Cash or Checks. We also can bill an MSU Account. If you have no other options for payment besides check or cash please email msudairystore@msu.edu

Q: Do you offer group discounts? 

A: No, the Dairy Store does not currently offer group discounts. 





Q: What happened to half-gallon tubs?

A: Half-gallons are not currently under production. Pints and Quart are hand-scooped daily. Two quarts equal a half-gallon.

Q: Are change-over tubs available for purchase?

A: We do not currently have any change-over tubs available for purchase.

Q: Where is the _____ flavor? 

A: The Dairy Plant produces new flavors and old flavors based on ingredient availability and demand. If there's an old flavor you would like, please let our staff know and we can pass it along to the Dairy Plant staff.

Q: Where can I purchase cheese? 

A: The MSU Dairy Plant does not currently have cheese in production, but we hope to begin cheese production in early 2024. 

Q: Can I purchase milk or eggs? 

A: The MSU Dairy Store does not currently sell MSU produced milk or eggs.

For more information about eggs: https://www.canr.msu.edu/scaf/poultry_research_teaching_center

Q: Where can I purchase a gift certificate or gift card?

A: The MSU Dairy Store offers gift cards and single scoop coupons. Gift cards must be purchased in amounts equal to or more than $10. Single scoop coupons are $4 each and can be purchased in any quantity. We do not offer coupons for any other products (such as shakes, double scoops, etc.). Both options are available to purchase in-store and on our website. Scoop coupons can be ordered in advance for pick up or on-campus shipping via this form



Q: Where can I park? 

A: There is a metered parking lot in the front of the Dairy Store. Parking is free on campus after 6pm any day of the week. The MSU Dairy Store does not control any lots that may be used to provide parking to potential customers, and cannot change any rules/regulations, including payment or space availability. 

Q: Why can't I find any open spaces?

A: The MSU Dairy Store is located on MSU's campus, meaning any parking can be utilized by students, staff, or members of the public who wish to spend their day here. During the week, parking lots may be full due to student attendance and employee presence. During the weekends, the Dairy Store and its surrounding locations are popular establishments visited by the general public, which can make parking limited.

Q: Why do I have to pay to park?

A: The MSU Dairy Store is located on MSU's campus, meaning any parking spaces still fall under the rules/regulations implemented for any campus parking. If you wish to visit during a time where you do not have to pay-to-park, we recommend visiting after 6pm, or on the weekends. 

For further inquires about MSU's parking policy, visit their website



Q: Does the Dairy Store donate to events/fundraisers/auctions?

A: Yes. For donation inquires, please contact the Dairy Store email (msudairystore@msu.edu).



Q: Is the Dairy Store hiring?

A: The Dairy Store is not currently hiring. If you would like to submit your resume in case this changes at any time in the future, feel free to send it to our email (msudairystore@msu.edu).