Large Group Pickup Orders



Bringing a large group (field trip, class, family party, etc.) to enjoy ice cream at the Dairy Store? Skip the line by pre-ordering your ice cream!

*Orders must placed with at least 24-hour's notice before requested pick up time. For orders over 50 scoops, we request at least a week's notice.*

Place an Order Here: Catering Order Request Form



Q: How much is each scoop? 

A: Each scoop is $4. Each comes with a lid. 

Q: How many flavors can I choose? 

A: You can choose as many flavors as you’d like, but we recommend sticking to 3-4 flavors for ease in passing out.  

Q: What is the largest size I can buy?  

A: Typically, the largest size we offer is our Quarts (32oz) for $14. We also offer Pints (16oz) for $6. 

Q: What if I want something besides scoops? 

A:  We offer 16 oz. Pints ($6), 32 oz. Quarts ($14), and Ice Cream Sandwiches ($6).



Q: When can I pick up my order? 

A: Order pickups can be set for any time the store is open (Tues-Sun 12 to 8). If you need to pick up an order outside normal business hours please email 



Q: What forms of payment do you accept? 

A: We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Scoop Coupons, and Dairy Store gift cards. We cannot accept Cash or Checks. We also can bill an MSU Account. If you have no other options for payment besides check or cash please email

Q: Do you offer group discounts? 

A: No, the Dairy Store does not currently offer group discounts. 



Q: Where can my large group sit during our visit?

A: The Dairy Store does not have any indoor seating due to limited space. There is a back patio next to the Dairy Store as well as a space out front with benches, picnic tables, and chairs to accommodate our customers. Due to our location on campus and influx of customers, we cannot guarantee or save seating for customers.